Proof Krugerrands.

1997 1/2 Half Ounce Proof Krugerrand.

Hern's Number KH18
Krause-Mishler Number KM107
Designer CLS Coert Steynberg
Size Diameter 26.93 to 27.07 mm
Thickness 2.115 to 2.215 mm
Mintage Proof 2000
Mintage UNC/Bullion 12628
Weight 16.966 gm
Gold Weight 15.55 gm 1/2 Oz
Gold Content 91.667%
Copper Content 0.0833%
Reeding Fine
Certificate of Origin Yes
Frosted Yes
Best Known  

Box of 1997 Proof Krugerrands

A 1997 30 year anniversary set of Proof Krugerrand in Plastic capsules and fitted into a red SA Mint box.

Proof Krugerrand-set