Proof Krugerrands.

What is the difference between UNC and Proof Krugerrand?

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Video on Proof Krugerrand

1973 Proof Krugerrand in SA Mint box1992 Proof Krugerrand

A Proof Krugerrand is a stunning coin and is possibly one of the most beautiful coins you're going to hold. As you can see the fields on a Proof are like a mirror finish and the inscription and image of President Kruger and the Springbok are highly frosted. All Proof Krugerrand come in a red SA Mint box and the later Krugerrand also came in a plastic capsule.

2003 UNC Krugerrand

Bullion Krugerrand are dull and not frosted.

Reeding on Kruggerand

After 1977 all Proof Krugerrand had fine reeding. The left hand picture is a Proof Krugerrand and the right hand side a Bullion Krugerrand. It is easy to see the difference between 180 Reeds on the Bullion Krugerrand and the 220 on the Proof Krugerrand. Counting them is a waste of time.

After 1995 all Proof Krugerrand came with a Certificate of Authenticity.