Proof Krugerrands.

1979 Proof Krugerrand.

How much is a 1979 Proof Krugerrand worth?

Hern's Number K14
Krause-Mishler Number KM73
Designer CLS Coert Steynberg
Size Diameter 32.61 to 32.77 mm
Thickness 2.74 to.2.97 mm
Mintage Proof 8500
Mintage UNC/Bullion 3339844
Weight 33.9305 gm
Gold Weight 31.1 gm 1 Oz
Gold Content 91.667%
Copper Content 0.0833
Reeding Fine
Certificate of Origin No
Frosted No
Best Known PR69

There was another change in the Krugerrand in 1979. The thickness tolerance changed again from 2.74 to 2.972 mm to a new tolerance of 2.74 to 2.84 mm.

In 1979 the SA Mint produced nearly 5 million Bullion Krugerrand. There were very few Proofs Krugerrand minted in 1979, only 11800.


All Proof Krugerrand should be supplied with a SA Mint box, an SAGCE enclosure or be Slabbed certified from NGC or other certificate slabbing company. There was no COA Certificate of Origin certificates supplied in 1979.

Proof Krugerrand South Africa Mint Box

It can be very difficult to remove the Proof Krugerrand from the SAM box. The best way is to cup your hand and "slap" the box into the cupped hand. Only touch the Proof Krugerrand with soft cloth gloves.

In years to come these Proof Krugerrand will be extremely rare. A full set would be very difficult to accomplish.