Proof Krugerrands.

1967 Proof Krugerrand.

How much is a 1967 Proof Krugerrand worth?


Hern's Number K1
Krause-Mishler Number KM73
Designer CLS Coert Steynberg
Size Diameter 32.61 to 32.77 mm
Thickness 2.87 to.2.97 mm
Mintage Proof 10000
Mintage UNC/Bullion 50000
Weight 33.9305 gm
Gold Weight 31.1 gm 1 Oz
Gold Content 91.667%
Copper Content 0.0833
Reeding Coarse
Certificate of Origin No
Frosted No
Best Known PR68

1967 was the first year Krugerrand Bullion gold coins and Proof Krugerrand gold coins were minted. It was decided to produce Proof Krugerrand gold coins as well as Bullion Krugerrand gold coins. There are many web sites that will give you information on Bullion Krugerrand so this web site has been dedicated to the Proof Krugerrand and its derivatives.

Today it is very simple to spot the difference between a Proof Krugerrand and a Bullion Krugerrand. The main differences are the fine reeding on the Proof Krugerrand. The lettering and images are frosted and the fields are mirror finished on the Proof Krugerrand.

This was not the case with the 1967 Proof Krugerrand where the reeding was the same as the bullion Krugerrand Gold coin and only the fields were mirror finished. So a polished Bullion Krugerrand gold coin could be made to look like a Proof Krugerrand.